Increase your earning potential and become a Machine Learning Engineer!


The future of AI will change everything about life, one way or another. Imagine a world where you are creating endless possibilities to make an impact in our world.

From the Silicon Valley machine learning experts, you now have the opportunity to learn next-generation artificial intelligence applications, theories, methods, and systems. Our team has collectively educated more people in machine learning than any other organization in the world. The program is a blended-learning program that trains existing engineers to become machine-learning experts within six months.

FourthBrain is backed by the AI Fund, headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. AI Fund is a startup studio building new AI companies from the ground up. The companies bridge AI technology and applications, focusing on industries and problems that will move the world forward.


What is machine learning? Machine learning is a process by which a computer uses historical data and to identify patterns and make decisions without the aid of a human being. Find out more about what a day in the life of a machine learning engineer is like here.

With this program, we offer you the unique opportunity to expand your software development skills into the world of artificial intelligence. Through an intensive six months of in-person, residential and blended program, you will gain the knowledge to be a world-class machine learning engineer.

Best of all, there are no upfront costs. We also will provide you with residential housing and onsite meals for the entirety of the program, so you can focus on your studies. Once you graduate, we will help you get a job within the United States.



Coding in Python, Java, or C++

Solid foundation in probability and linear algebra

Eager to learn new skills


Start Date

Classes will be held every six-months.



Multiple locations in the USA.



There is no upfront cost. The cost of the program will be paid back over time when you obtain your machine learning job.


Application Process


Pre-Course Work

Complete online assessment (15-minutes) and submit professional and technical experience



Have a non-technical interview (1-hour) and technical interview (1-hour)


Full-Time Program

Once you pass the previous steps, you will be accepted into the 6-month program


What You Will Learn  


Strong Foundation in Machine and Deep Learning


Computer Science Fundamentals: Algorithms and Data Structures


Data Engineering: Database & Data Pipelines


Data Science and Descriptive Statistics


Practical Knowledge of the Latest Frameworks


The average starting annual base pay for a machine learning job is $100,000 per year.

Source: Indeed


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